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kits and spores The Ultimate Source for Quality Magic Mushroom Spores, Syringes, Supplies, and Mushroom Growing Kits.

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Learn to grow magic mushrooms safely and easily from home with our easy to use magic mushroom growing kit. We also carry the famous and original SPS20 Spore Syringe with Psilocybe Innoculate.

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The place to go before you grow - Mushroom information portal - The Mushroom Directory < Click Here
Links and information about edible, medicinal, and magic mushrooms. A resourceful website with the top magic mushroom kit websites and scam list showing sites not to buy from.

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The place for loose tobacco, rolling papers, tobacco pipes, pipe tobacco, tax free cigarettes, and everything in between. USA shippable mushroom growing kits and supplies < Click Here
The place for magic mushroom spores in ready to innoculate syringes and Several different mushroom growing kits for the beginner and advanced grower. Another reliable source for mushroom growing kits and supplies - excellent information and fast service. Kits for beginners and advanced mushroom growers. < Click Here
Get fully automated mushroom growing systems that will produce POUNDS of potent magic mushrooms, easily from the comfort of your home. - Home Test Kit Superstore digital scales, smoking accessories, glass pipes, water bongs, and so much more! Herbal Smoke Shop and smoking accessories - - Become one with god our herbal smoke will rock your world.


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The Ultimate source for Magic Mushroom Spores and Magic Mushroom Growing Kits. Variety of kits and supplies to learn about growing magic mushrooms. We also have a large spore bank full of potent magic mushroom strains.

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